Emergency Management Solutions, Inc. provides the following services to its clients:

1. Business Process Consulting
2. Management Consulting
3. Software Consulting
4. Software Design and Development
5. Hardware Consulting
6. PC/Windows Hardware Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
7. PC/Windows Hardware Repair

EMS, Inc. will act as the client's strategic business partner to provide the highest value to an organization
through the efficient and effective use of computer hardware and software.  To these goals, EMS, Inc. will:
Consult with the client
Analyze the client's business issues
Advise the client of the best possible solutions
Develop the best software solution that addresses the client's business issues
Specify, build, or repair PC/Windows based hardware that compliments our client's software
Emergency Management Solutions, Inc. will design and develop  custom software solutions as a result of
our consultations with the client.  The custom software will work efficiently with your infrastructure as
well as being user-friendly for the users would need to us the application.
Emergency Management Solutions, Inc. then creates an applicable software application that can either
be sold or licensed to the client.  The goal of all software application that EMS, Inc. develops is that it is
intuitive and easy for the user to use.  And finally, our applications that we develop offer the most
comprehensive reporting and data extraction that can best benefit the client.  

Our software applications must be used so as to add value to the organization to be effective.  If our
software solutions are not implemented or our software application not effectively used, it will not add
the value to the organization that was intended.  Therefore, EMS, Inc. takes pride in its software solutions
and applications.

Emergency Management Solutions, Inc. specializes in the emergency services and the financial
industries, but will work with any business or industry's data, computer, and software solutions.

Contact Emergency Management Solutions, Inc. if you have a software solution you would like us to
investigate, examine, or help you implement.
Overall Services We Provide
Emergency Management Solutions, Inc.
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